domestic violence

L.A. Divorce Specialists & Domestic Violence Circumstances

Domestic violence is a serious concern. Whether you are seeking to protect yourself and your family using a restraining order or you are facing a complaint, it’s important to get the help you need. Los Angeles family law attorneys, including myself, work with clients to assert their rights and also to prevent them from making mistakes while in the legal process.

First, a concise explanation “domestic violence”: essentially, it’s all kinds of violence that can take place in your household, usually between siblings or partners. You will find legal measures that protect people from domestic violence, along with your attorney can help you to explore them.

However, if an individual is threatening you and your children, your initial call ought to be to law enforcement. Getting the family away from danger will be the priority. The moment the police are on-scene, you’ll be able to consult a disastrous situation restraining order. It’s temporary-it is only going tolast for a few days-but it will provide you with legal protection when you assess the situation.

Next, begin researching family law attorneys in Los Angeles. Search for an attorney who deals specifically with domestic violence issues. Advancing, you’re likely to be banking on this person to establish legal safeguards for you and your children. You want someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and supportive.

I serve clients which are combating domestic abuse in several ways:

I counsel them on their own options. The typical approach is always to seek a restraining order against the perpetrator. If he or she violates it, the client can call law enforcement to arrest the perpetrator.
I work to obtaining the restraining order from the court. This tends to happen on an emergency basis and, sometimes, without notifying the perpetrator. The order could be temporary or permanent with respect to the situation.

If the perpetrator is someone with whom my client is engaged in a custody dispute, I can present evidence to the court that will serve demonstrate the client could be awarded custody.

Family Law Specialists are responsible for defending people who are accused of domestic violence. Unfortunately, these claims are sometimes brought in the context of a child custody dispute: someone puts out a restraining order as a method of gaining an edge over the other. If this sounds your situation, you must take action now to protect your rights as well as to guard your children from this type of manipulation.

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